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Isn’t it time to get the answers you’ve been seeking all your life?

Life is full of challenges and often times it’s hard to decide which direction to go. What if you already had the answers to all your questions?

What if those answers just needed to be unlocked from your Higher Self?

The key is to connect to your Higher Guidance - that part of yourself that has all the answers you seek. Your Higher Guidance knows your purpose in life; and when you know your purpose, it becomes easy to make hard decisions.

Align Your Life Coaching Program

But Few People Actually Do...

  • Are you struggling with your Life Purpose?
  • Are you living your purpose but not earning the money you deserve?
  • Is there a dream you can’t seem to fulfill? (like writing your book?)
  • Are you happy with some areas of your life but still don’t feel fulfilled?
  • Are you having a hard time trusting your intuition?
  • Are you ready to just give up and throw in the towel?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then chances are, your life is not fully in alignment with your purpose. And not taking action means you’ll be stuck where you are indefinitely.

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Trust Your Higher Guidance: Align Your Life to Manifest the Joy and Success You Deserve

It's never too late to trust your higher guidance. In this relatable story about manifesting your dream life, Jean shares how to align your life with the power of intuition.

"A must-read for anyone who feels stuck or isn't living their dream. Jean proves you can adapt, overcome, and live the life you are born to live."
-Gail Lynn, author of Unlocking The Ancient Secrets to Healing and inventor of the Harmonic Egg®


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In Person or via Zoom

  • Align with your Life Purpose
  • Release what's no longer needed
  • Feel your life begin to flow
  • Receive channeled messages from your Higher Guidance
  • Uncover your limiting beliefs
  • Receive a plan for moving forward
  • Get rid of your emotional baggage!
  • Release trapped emotions for physical and emotional balance


About Jean

Jean Hanson is a successful business woman who meandered her way through life, not knowing what her true purpose was, but becoming what she thought was expected of her.

Jean chose a path, despite it not being what she was meant to do. It's not that she wasn't living a life with purpose, because she was. Through her businesses, she and her husband Steve helped thousands of business owners. 

Her career and personal life brought happiness, but not the fulfillment she craved. That is, until she discovered her true purpose in life - becoming a Certified Higher Guidance Life Coach and Energy Healer .........

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