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Jean Hanson is a Certified Higher Guidance Life Coach, energy healer and co-owner of Realign Your Life Wellness Center in Mesa, Arizona.

Prior to this Jean and her husband Steve owned two successful companies that helped thousands of business owners through the tools and guidance they provided for their online community.  In 2021, answering the call of their own higher guidance, they sold their last company, their home in Minnesota, and moved across the country to start their wellness center to help others heal, while at the same time realizing their dream of living in Arizona. 

Certified Training

A few years ago I participated in an in-depth coaching program to hone my skills and become a Higher Guidance Life Coach. In addition, I am also a Certified Creative Mystic Intuitive, which means I am also certified as a powerful Intuitive and Medium. 

The Body Code is a process for releasing trapped emotions, identifying and releasing imbalances and misalignments in the body so you can align your life. I am a Certified Body Code Practitioner

Certified Body Code Practitioner

Family and Business Life

Steve and I have been married since 1987 and have been together since 1984.


Steve and I have been in business together since the year we got married. People are amazed when we tell them we've worked together as business owners for over 35 years! Yes, we survived, and no, it wasn't always easy.

We each have different talents, which is why I believe we compliment each other so well in business. 

Our current business is what now feeds our souls. I love being a Higher Guidance Life Coach and Body Code Practitioner, and Steve loves the personal journey he has been on to become a sound healer and and Quantum Touch healer.

In 2021 we founded Realign Your Life Wellness Center, which features the Harmonic Egg, a resonant chamber that uses sound, light and color to activate your body's own ability to heal itself. In fact we not only own one Harmonic Egg, we own two! 

We both love helping our clients align their lives with the different energy healing modalities we offer. It has reinvigorated our life with a passion for serving others in a completely new way.

If you are ever in the Mesa/Phoenix area we'd love to have you stop by!