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Trust Your Higher Guidance: Align Your Life to Manifest the Joy and Success You Deserve

A spark of curiosity. Buzzing in the stomach. That tell-tale sign of chills.

Your Higher Guidance is always leaving small, subtle clues, gently nudging you in the right direction. What could happen if you lean into your intuition, instead of letting it pass you by?

Welcome to a magical life! Jean will inspire you to dive deep into the adventure of soul purpose and passion through connection to Higher Guidance. I am astounded by Jean’s intuitive gifts and the wisdom she has to offer.

~Jean Slatter, author of Hiring the Heavens and founder of the Higher Guidance Life Coach® certification program

In this spiritual self-help book, certified Higher Guidance Life Coach® Jean Hanson shares how her intuition led her from a life of skepticism and safe choices to discovering her true purpose—and helping others create the life they were meant to live.

With an intimate look at the real-life struggles Jean had to overcome and actual transcripts of messages channeled from her clients’ Spirit Guides, Trust Your Higher Guidance illustrates the transformative power of leaning in to the changes that will make your heart sing.

With gentle advice and actionable exercises, this book will help you discover how to:

  • Let go of limiting beliefs that hold you captive in your comfort zone,
  • Feel deserving of a life of joy and purpose, and empowered to make it happen,
  • Take incremental steps to get “unstuck” without overwhelm,
  • Manifest that missing piece you’ve been unable to call in on your own, and
  • Receive messages from your Spirit Guides to align with your own higher calling.

Something more fun, meaningful, and spiritual is ahead. The answers on how to get there are already inside you—you just have to tune in.


"A must-read for anyone who feels stuck or isn't living their dream. Jean proves you can adapt, overcome, and live the life you are born to live."
~Gail Lynn, author of Unlocking the Ancient Secrets to Healing and the inventor of the Harmonic Egg

"Jean Hanson’s inspiring book, Trust Your Higher Guidance illustrates what’s possible when we trust that small still voice inside each of us — greater alignment to our best lives, and a deeper sense of fulfillment, success and inner peace.”
~Mary Allen, Author of The Power of Inner Choice

“Jean’s story is a testament that life is enriched by finding and creating happiness in connection with one’s soul purpose. Jean has found a way to share her gifts with others for their soul’s evolution and expansion of life direction. If you are ready to discover your purpose and have fun in the process, this book has a grand design of inspirational experiences and techniques to help you grow.”
~Jamie and Maggie Clark, Hosts of the Psychic Evolution Podcast

 “Have you noticed the perfect people, books, messages and information land in our laps at the perfect time? Jean's book is no exception. If you're embarking on change, are certain you have a bigger purpose in life and need guidance, then this is your sign. You've found the perfect book at the perfect time and I encourage you to read it so Jean can help guide you, too.”
~Julie Jacky, Spiritual Coach and author of On the Other Side- A Spiritual Memoir

 “Have you ever felt like something bigger was calling you? If you feel like there should be more to your life but don't know what, this book is for you. Through Jean's life stories, she shows how you can live a life with purpose, but still feel as if something is missing. When she finally followed her higher guidance, her life transformed. Jean also showcases three women in this book who decided to lean in and follow their guidance with Jean's assistance. When you read this book you will feel compelled to start following your own higher guidance so you can live the life you were meant to live.”
~ Dawn Stebbing, Personal Stylist and author of The Power is in the Pearl

 "With vulnerability, Jean Hanson shares her life story and family experiences, while taking you on a journey to help you understand your own evolution to find balance and happiness. You'll relate to the growth experience she went through on her Higher Guidance journey. And you'll discover that everyone has the ability to change their own lives when they follow their intuition. Jean's case studies show how she has assisted others in making their own life changes when they followed their Higher Guidance. You'll be inspired to start following your own path to purpose after reading Jean's book!"
~ Connie Nau, Sr. Director, People Engagement & Operations, Meetings & Incentives Worldwide, Inc