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It was the most amazing experience to do a belief code session with Jean. She made me feel very at ease and I love the fact that we were able to work on 3 beliefs in one session. I even gifted my friend a session to discover belief code and she also enjoyed her session with Jean.

Working with Jean Hanson has been fantastic, I worked with her on the belief code... changing long held beliefs that are impacting my ability to have a fulfilling and enriched life. Each session is a massage for the soul, you will feel lighter. I would definitely recommend her

From the beginning, Jean radiated quiet confidence. Grounded, clear, focused, approachable and accessible too. Not in my wildest dreams did I expect so many validations to come up in the guidance she channeled. They were personalised for me and made me feel so cared for. There were specific steps I was given and even some healing. Jean also used the pendulum, providing even more directions, sharing her journey and challenges and giving me insights. The amount of effort she puts in before, during and after the sessions is so admirable. I treasure the documentation of those messages. Reading it each time makes me feel good. I loved every minute of the session. It turned out to be so gratifying and miraculous for me and gave me much needed hope. It was worth the investment. Go for it! I highly recommend Jean's sessions. Thank you Jean. This session comforted me in many ways.

Jean Hanson is great! She has helped me a lot in gaining the answers I need to become the best version of myself. The amount of time and dedication she puts into her work shows. If you have a calling to go see her do, because she will help you get out of your own way and get the answers you need.🙏

Working with Jean on my higher guidance gave me a lot of insight into who I am and how to move my needle forward. What I must do more of and what may be holding me back. She has a gift of being in tune with what comes to her and what you need to hear. Thank you, Jean, for the beautiful work you do to help others find their true calling.

Wow 🤩🤯 My experience working with Jean was more than amazing. I’m not being overly dramatic, just simple sharing with everyone that reads this. Our session was beyond accurate to what I’m working through in my life. I’ve been doing deep dives into spiritual work more at high level for 5 years and with Jean higher guidance coaching is guiding me far greater than I could have imagined 🙏

Jean was very knowledgeable and gave me great information in our Meet Your Guides Discovery session. Everything we talked about was spot on to my life, and the session even provided me with actionable items to better connect with my higher self and guides. She provided a word document that noted everything we talked about, which will be great to read through and refresh my memory as I go. I am looking forward to continue connecting with Jean as I learn more from my guides. Highly recommend Jean!

I did the Meet Your Guides Discovery Session with Jean and I was blown away. Jean is the real deal. She was able to clearly help me pay attention to the most important things for myself and provide messages from my guides. This session was so on target it was if she had to be living with me as long as my husband. I got so much out of the session with her I look forward to taking the next step and doing more with her. I highly recommend it.

I recently signed up for 3 Higher Guidance Life Coaching sessions. My purpose was to find guidance for the next chapter in my life. Things that were on my mind for years and how to make guided adjustments.

The first session was SO different than my past experience with a life coach. This truly was Jean connecting with my Angels and Guides and HS and NOT adding a personal twist to the channeling. After session two and three I started to make changes and discovered the area where I should live and make positive changes to be happier.

Thank you for the sessions and helping me receive the guidance I asked. The tools you used certainly helped me to see clearer.

I love Jean’s unique ability to bring forward direct messages from Higher Guidance, leaving me feeling increasingly reassured that my Higher Guidance has my best interests at heart and is taking me in the right direction. She’s able to delve into the finer details and tell me exactly what I need to know to take the next step

Recently, I had my first Higher Guidance session with Jean Hanson. I have worked with other professionals in this arena previously, but I have to say Jean was spot on with all of the information she shared with me. I really liked that she uses different modalities to provide information. Jean touched on some very specific things in my coaching, and I was excited to get the information. We had a great conversation, and I look forward to working with her again in the future!

Jean was great at answering questions and helping me to understand what to expect during and after all our sessions for the Body Code. I have some knowledge how our emotions effect our body, but not at the level Jean does. I appreciate Jean’s professionalism and how comfortable she is to talk with. I look forward to working with her more down the road.

I highly recommend working with Jean! I had the opportunity to work with Jean during the coldest part of winter and my eczema / psoriasis greatly improved. Normally winter is the worst. In addition my skin has continued to be clear months after our Body Code sessions and is manageable with regular lotion. I've suffered from eczema for almost 20 years and never imagined I could be free from my itchy flakey skin. The 3 sessions with Jean were easy to schedule, enjoyable & efficient. Again if you have the opportunity to work with Jean, go for it!

Working with Jean was wonderful! I really felt shifts within my physical body (especially my feet and knee) after several Body Code sessions with Jean. She's confident and clear and did a great job explaining things in a way that I could understand. I highly recommend working with Jean to help clear old patterns, beliefs and physical issues.

Working with Jean, unveiled more than I had anticipated. As an empathic person, I learned that much of the pain I've carried has been from taking on the emotions of other people. Jean helped me to not only release those emotions but to notice when I may be about to take on others "stuff" so that I can still care but not take it on as my own burden. I've also learned that there are many layers of emotion and pain that I can release bit by bit as I am ready and to notice what walls may be getting in the way. I feel like what I've learned from working with Jean will stay with me throughout my life and help me prevent and release emotionally-triggered pains in the future.

Jean Hanson and the Body Code came into my life at just the right time! During the last year my life was turned upside down. The stress, confusion and overwhelm manifested in various ways throughout my body. I was depleted and unfocused. I found myself waking up with a headache every morning. Jean was able to discover and remove blocked energies in many parts of my body. As a result, I am no longer taking an aspirin in the morning. I feel focused and have been able to move forward in my person and professional life.

I had 3 Body Code sessions with Jean to work on digestive issues, inflammation, and pain in my calves. Jean led me through the body code process and then provided very helpful information for going forward.

After working on the different issues, I experienced significant shifts. The easiest to quantify is the pain in my calves. Over the past several years anytime I got a massage I cringed when the massage therapist worked on my calves because it was so painful. A few days after doing Body Code on my calves I was excited to put the work to the test. I got another massage and was elated because for the first time in years it didn't hurt when the massage therapist touched my calves. I was thrilled I didn't cringe at all! I felt in awe of the body code process and how amazing my body is.

I enjoyed working with Jean, will go to her again, and will happily refer her to others.

I had an awesome positive experience with Jean and the Body Code! Right after the sessions I felt much lighter and happier. I can't describe how much better I feel, something has changed in me. And my stomach issues are much better and I'm barely dealing with migraines... just a light headache if any. A week after I still feel good, lighter. I had a friend tell me I look better!

Good morning, Jean! I just wanted to let you know that I am literally shocked at how much better my right hip feels today! I am amazed. I have always been skeptical about physical healing through something like this. I believe you hold a lot of physical symptoms from emotions, but I didn't realized they could be released in that way! It is still there, but it is 75% improved. Thank you!!!! So cool!!!!

Divine guidance is accessible at all times, yet sometimes as human beings -- we doubt it. What we intuitively sense is often clouded by the chaos that consumes our lives. Busyness, stressful situations, lack of sleep and so many other barriers hinder us from hearing the Voice within. In those times of overwhelming emotions its a God sent to have human support. Such was the time, during this COVID19 craziness, I called off a wedding, ended an 8 year relationship and moved in with my aging parents to care for them in their final years. As a very clairvoyant woman of deep faith who coaches others, I was so tired and knew I needed to reach out for my own support.

Without a doubt Jean has a superb ability to connect with her and our higher guidance to gain clarity and clear the root cause of emotional duress. My sessions with Jean enlightened me on the best approaches to take for positive resolve that were aligned with my highest path. She emails you a thorough summary of the session, which is incredibly helpful to absorb it all in the days that follow.

If you are in a place of confusion, emotional exhaustion, or simply want some direction, I highly recommend working with Jean. She is a gentle, compassionate, and insightful woman I trust explicitly.

I'm naturally a skeptical person when it comes to having a reading done for my goals in life, but this was completely different from anything I've experienced before. Prior to my Higher Guidance Coaching session, I had been torn on what direction to go on a new project and after my session, I had a clearer vision of what to do. After that, I was able to make more progress in 2 weeks than I had been able to in the past few months!"

Reassuring and liberating! The Higher Guidance session with Jean confirmed emotions I was already feeling and helped me identify how to break free of anything holding me back. I feel more prepared without feeling discouraged or indecisive on where to start. It clearly was the right decision to connect with my Higher Guidance and allow myself to be a priority.

I had no idea what to expect from my Higher Guidance Life Coaching session with Jean. I just had her check in and let me know what came back. I was amazed at the accuracy of the messages, and I felt immediate relief from things I had no idea were affecting me! I gave Jean no hint and no direction and she communicated with my Higher Guidance in such a way that left me with no doubt she had truly connected with them. The release was instantaneous and has lasted. I have had no hesitation in sharing my experience with others. I've known Jean on a professional level for several years, and now I'm honored to know her on this even more deep and loving level. Thanks, Jean!

The Higher Guidance Coaching Session with Jean was magical and reassuring. I feel a lot better and more confident in myself. I am just amazed! The next day I felt so much more at ease, and immediately wanted all of my friends to experience this. Thank you again for doing this, Jean!

During the Higher Guidance Life Coaching Session with Jean, I felt relaxed and eager at the same time. I was relaxed by Jean's easygoing style while eagerly awaiting the messages I would receive. I needed to hear that I've been pushing it hard and that the wellspring will open up when I get still and listen to my inner voice. The reading felt "meant to be" and directly for me. It was shared in a way that I could absorb the gentle suggestions. I followed the advice to spend more time alone in nature. I really appreciated receiving the notes from the reading so I can revisit what was shared and have it sink in even more. Thanks Jean!

As a busy mom and business owner, I am frequently worrying about different things. I had this opportunity to receive a Higher Guidance Life Coaching session from Jean so I asked some big questions that kept me up at night. I was able to receive reassurance that I am on the right path for the things I wish for my life, as well as quiet down my anxiety about those decisions. The messages I received were loving and provided much comfort and support. When things start to get overwhelming, I go back to those messages and instantly feel at ease. It was such a positive experience that I look forward to my next session.