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Higher Guidance Life Coaching

Align Your Life with a Higher Guidance Life Coach

Have you ever felt like your life was out of alignment? Most of us have at some point in our lives, and many have felt that way most of their lives.

Your life can be different! Instead of being in constant torment over your life situation, you can connect to your own Higher Guidance by letting me be the conduit to bridge your conscious mind with your subconscious soul.

Your conscious mind is what is holding you back from living the life you were meant to live, and I can help you connect the dots.

Instead of hiring a typical Life Coach who will ask you a series of questions to determine if you have limiting beliefs or if you have emotional problems that are holding you back, I connect directly to your Higher Guidance to get quick answers from that part of you that already knows your purpose. So there is no need for answering a bunch of random questions that may or may not hold the answers to your alignment problem.

How Can Higher Guidance Life Coaching Improve Your Life?

  • Together we will uncover your purpose in life so you can start planning your goals and start taking small steps to move in the direction you are meant to go.
  • I will guide you to making the right decisions about your life and your path in life.
  • You will have more clarity about the choices you make in life
  • Life will become simpler and easier because you will be listening and following the advice of your own Higher Guidance.
  • Life will become more open to opportunities because you will be watching for them instead of complaining about how miserable your life is.
  • Life will become more relaxing because you will only be doing what makes your heart sing – despite your reservations about this not being what is expected of you.
  • Your Higher Guidance will deliver messages you may have overlooked or ignored because of fears of stepping out of your comfort zone.
  • You will receive exact wording for the messages you’ve longed to know – for years to come. That’s because you will have me as your source for keeping on track with your higher purpose.
  • You will be more in alignment with your purpose because it is what your soul has been trying to tell you your whole life – you just couldn’t see it before.
  • Life will become simpler and easier because you will be listening and following the advice of your own Higher Guidance.
  • And you can stay in alignment by letting your Higher Guidance (and me), work with you over time – because changing your life doesn’t happen overnight or in one session. But one session can be life changing because you’ll have more clarity about your purpose in life.
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How Do I Connect to Your Higher Guidance?

I have an intuitive mind that can connect to your Higher Guidance in a number of ways.

First, I use a map of modalities that your Higher Guidance leads me through. Some of the modalities include tarot cards, books and pendulum charts. 

I then get specific messages from the modality that will help you take action to move forward in your life. Then I channel a message from your Spirit Guides. 

Here is an example of a portion of a Higher Guidance Life Coaching Session from one of my clients:

Passage from The Life You Were Born to Live book - pg 194 

Most 30/3s, especially those with suppressed emotions, experience vulnerability in the throat area due to blocked expression. If 30/3's feel a scratchy throat or a blockage there, they need to ask themselves, what do I need to express that I'm holding back? Often, once they express what they feel, their throat quickly recuperates. 

Direct message from client’s Spirit Guides:

Cindy, you want to be a speaker, but you can't seem to get many paying jobs for speaking. You need to decide if you really want to pursue this as a profession. You love to speak but you can't keep speaking for free. You love to teach, but you can't teach right now because of the pandemic. You love real estate, but you don't make enough to fully support yourself. You need to think about how you can monetize what you know about real estate. This could be what helps you get through the pandemic financially.

Cindy, do you want to be in limbo all the time? Because that is where you have been for many years. You need to get focused on what it is that you really want in life. You need to get focused on how you want to spend your time. You need to get focused on your own life and not everyone else's lives.

This was the first part of the session with this client. She was asking for guidance about his career. 

Here is the next part of the above session:

Next, I was guided to go to the Life Purpose Deck, where I drew the "School" card, which said: The answer that you're seeking involves going to school. 

This card signals that your soul longs to teach in a classroom setting. Helping young people develop their minds and acquire skills is a vital profession, one that the Angels are happy to support. 

Direct message from client’s Spirit Guides:

Cindy, you need to teach. You need to become a full-time teacher. You love real estate, but that is not your purpose. You love speaking, but that is not your purpose. But teaching involves speaking, and that is your purpose. You need to be proactive about finding a teaching job. 

At the beginning of the session, the client shared that she was teaching for a while at a local college and she absolutely loved her college students. But due to the Coronavirus Pandemic she was laid off from that job. After this session she committed to not giving up on her dream of teaching college students because she realized that this setback was temporary. She now has more clarity about her purpose in life.

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How it Works

I would love to help you align your life once and for all. Simply click on the Book Appointment button and you’ll be taken to a page to book your session. Choose the service you are looking for and then schedule your appointment. Once you do that you’ll make your payment.

Next you’ll receive a receipt for your payment and a calendar invitation. Be sure to add the calendar invitation to your calendar so you don’t miss your appointment. You will also receive two reminders of your appointment so whitelist the email address you’ll receive from me.

Make sure you are in a quiet room for your call. I use Zoom, so download the Zoom app to your computer if you don’t yet have it, and be sure to turn on your video for the call. The call will be much more effective if we both use our cameras for the appointment.

Keep your appointment please, as I reserve this spot for you. To prepare for the call I meditate and connect to your Higher Guidance before your appointment. So if you don’t show up or are late, it causes a problem for me and for your Spirit Guides. They use this time to connect to me in preparation for your appointment, so it disrupts their connection to you, and you never want to be disconnected from your Spirit Guides.

How often do you recommend we do these sessions?

I don't decide that, your Higher Guidance does! At the end of each session, I ask your Higher Guidance if we should do another session. They may suggest you have your next session in four weeks, or they may suggest you have your next session in six weeks. So your own Higher Guidance decides for you because they know when the best time is to book your sessions.

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