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Spiritual Medium

Connect to your loved ones who have crossed over

Jean is a powerful Spiritual Medium who only discovered her gifts when she turned 60 years old. Many might think that she can’t possibly be a powerful Medium if she’s only been doing it for a short time. But those who have experienced Jean’s readings have been blown away by the accuracy of the information she received from their loved ones.

You may be skeptical and that’s understandable. But when you experience it you’ll see that she is spot on with your loved one’s messages.

Here is an example of a communication with a loved one who crossed over about a year prior to the reading.

The client said she was dating again and wondered what her husband thought about it and if he approved.

Hi Jean, it's John. Nice to meet you. Kathy talks to me all the time so I know about her dating and I'm OK with it. She's a big girl and can make her own decisions about that. Tell her I approve of her choices. She makes wise decisions about who she wants to associate with and whomever she chooses will be the right guy for her. Love you Kathy.

In a follow up reading, her husband made it a point to let his wife know that he is able to hear their favorite composers’ music in heaven.

Hi Jean, it’s John. Heaven is so lovely Kathy. You will love it when it’s your time to be here. Mozart is here as is Puccini, and I love the music here. It is more beautiful than you can even imagine and it is more inspiring than you can imagine. It is unlike any music you’ve ever heard before. So don’t worry that I will no longer have music in my life because I do and you will get to experience it with me some day.

Keep looking for signs of me around the house and property. Maybe I’ll show up as a cardinal, a butterfly, a dragonfly, an eagle or a leaf that falls in your face. Or even an insect like a pinching bug or may fly. Maybe I’ll show up as an Archangel so you can get advice from me through Jean. Maybe she can draw a card for you right now.

At this point I drew a card for Kathy. John led me to the Power Angels Deck, which has 78 cards. The card I drew is the Three of Michael (Archangel Michael). The message was “Release the Past. You will grow from this situation. Time heals all wounds.”

Wow, how perfect is that? His final message:

Kathy you are so strong that I know you will be fine and you will find another man to spend time with and who will make you laugh. So be happy Kathy and know that I love you and the kids very much.

How much does it cost?

  • Book your zoom session and Jean will also provide a transcript of the conversation with your loved one
  • $77 for up to five questions
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Connect to your pets who have crossed over

Jean can also connect to your pets who have crossed over. Many people wonder if their pets have souls like people do – and they do!

Jean speaks with her own pets who have crossed over on a regular basis. Here are two memorial stones for two of Jean and Steve’s dogs, Casey and Bailey. Nicky and Sammy also have memorial stones nearby.

People who love their pets want to know they are still around, even though they’ve passed on. Loving your pets is natural, and wanting to know they they’re still alive in Spirit is reassuring and comforting.

Maybe you have a pet that has crossed over and you would like to know that they are OK. Jean can give you a direct message from your pet. You will feel so much better knowing your pet is still alive in spirit.

How will you receive your pet communication?

When you make your purchase you can ask either two questions or five questions of your pet. Jean will have the conversation with your pet and then transcribe it and send it to you via email within 2 business days.

How much does it cost?

  • Book your zoom session and Jean will also provide a transcript of the conversation with your loved one
  • 30 minutes at $77 for up to five questions
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