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A Message of Hope from Archangel Michael

It is a beautiful time to be alive, is it not? For within the chaos, love abounds. And where there is love, there is hope. When you fill your heart with hope for the future, you not only raise your own vibration, you help to raise the vibration of the planet. The planet needs hope at this time, and although it may not seem like it, each and every one of you are needed to make it happen.

How else can you make a difference? By turning inward to examine the truth of who you really are. Many of you believe you have been put on this planet to suffer – why else would God allow so much suffering to continue? But the real purpose of suffering is not about how much you can take – It’s about the joy you can find despite the pain.

Think about stories you’ve heard about people facing what may seem to be unbearable pain and suffering. Yet despite their circumstances, they manage to overcome what most would deem impossible odds. THIS is what God wants for you – to realize that no matter your circumstances, it is possible to find the gift.

You all have suffered in many ways throughout your life – and some of you may feel as if you can’t take much more. But if you can find just one thing to be grateful for, you have the ability to find peace. Of course it won’t be easy and it won’t happen overnight, so when you feel like giving up, remind yourself to find gratitude – no matter how small. That small piece of gratitude is what is needed to keep hope alive. How can you build on that small piece of hope? By asking for my help. You may not believe you will receive help by asking because you have asked many times before. But what you don’t realize is that we always answer – just not always in the way you want.

When asking for our help, pay attention because your response will come in many ways – synchronicities, new people coming into your life, or finding inspiration from books or other sources. Do not take these signs for granted – they are not coincidences – they are guidance to help you move forward into alignment. What is alignment? Alignment is a state of being. When you feel aligned, you feel balanced – emotionally and spiritually.

It may feel impossible to find your way to alignment, but this is a journey. It is not meant to happen overnight. The point is to enjoy the journey as it happens – all the ups and all the downs – because you know there will be challenges along the way. The challenges are not meant to hurt you, but to prove to you that you are strong – stronger than you ever thought possible. For most of you doubt yourself. But as you overcome each obstacle you begin to realize just how powerful you are. You begin to realize you DO have what it takes to change your life. And when you believe you can change your life, you want to make it happen. This is what it feels like to bring your life into alignment.

Can you begin to see how each one of you is needed to shift the consciousness of the planet? The good news is, there are millions of people already making a difference in this world. And each of those people are connecting with others who are ready to begin their own journey into the light. So never underestimate your ability to affect change in the world. YOU play an important part in spreading unending love throughout the Universe.