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Are We All One? How the Universe Works

How the Universe works

We are all One. That’s a hard concept to grasp and understand. I know it has been for me. Some people use the analogy of being a drop of water in the ocean. That makes it easier to understand, but when it comes to being a human, we all have our own personalities and characteristics. So how else can we look at it?

I look at it this way. If God is the creator of all that is, what or who created God? That is the bigger question that religions don’t seem to answer. What I have studied over the past few years is more about why God created us rather than rather than how it all began because I came to the conclusion that that part doesn’t really matter.

So why did God create the human race? Because God wanted to expand his creation to include intelligent beings. Beings that are creators. Beings that long for experiences and chances to learn lessons that they can use to elevate themselves into higher consciousness.

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You may already be of the belief that we are here to learn lessons. Why else would God make us suffer through life? How many times have you seen someone with extreme life challenges and admired how they manage to stay positive despite having such a difficult life? These people have learned a lesson about the power of staying positive despite their circumstances. They are setting the example for other people to follow their lead. Did it inspire you to try harder to be more positive with your own challenges?

Why is life so hard?

God isn’t a mean or vengeful God. He doesn’t punish us for being bad or making mistakes. Since we are a part of God, we choose the life we are here to live. Many people balk at the idea of choosing to suffer. Who would choose that for themselves? Why not live a life of bliss? It all goes back to creating a life that will teach us how to be a better person. Being a better person teaches us how to be more loving towards other people and ourselves. We are way too judgemental – about other people and about ourselves. How many times do we look at another person and judge them for their appearance or their behavior? How many times do we judge ourselves by saying something like “you’re so stupid or “you’re so fat”?

These are lessons to be learned. One of my lessons for this life is self love. Looking back on my life, I wasn’t always very nice to myself. I would look at myself in the mirror and criticize so many things about my body. My nose is too big, my teeth are too small, my hair is too thin, and the list goes on. I would also criticize myself for not being smart enough to get a high paying job. I thought there must be something wrong with me because early in my career, all I could get were minimum wage jobs, even though I went to school and received a couple degrees.

Another one of my life lessons is one that I’m still working on – being worthy of wealth and success. I have had success in my life, but I know I never really lived up to my potential. I have also had monetary success in my life, but again, I could have done so much more. This is my karma for this lifetime. I will talk about karma in another post, but for now, know that karma is about learning a major life lesson. If you don’t learn that lesson in this lifetime, you will likely come back in another lifetime so work on this lesson again.

If you have never thought about living multiple lives, there is a book I recommend you read called Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, PhD. This book changed my life. I had always been skeptical about past lives, but this convinced me that we do in fact, live multiple lives.

If you are truly on a spiritual journey, I highly recommend you start investigating this idea for yourself. There are many scholars, university Professors and PhD’s who have spent much of their lives studying the science behind this topic. I think you will find like I did, that it all starts to make sense. In fact it makes so much sense to me that I am now no longer afraid of death.

How would it feel to realize you are so much more than this body? What if you knew you really do have a Soul that lives on after death? Most people believe in life after death, but they have no idea what that looks like. They have a hard time imagining anything beyond their idea of heaven.

When you come to realize that when you die you simply cross over into another dimension, it will all start to make sense. Your loved ones who have crossed over are not in heaven, but another dimension.

Many of you have had signs from your loved ones who crossed over. Things like dimes, feathers and seeing birds like cardinals are all signs that they are still with you in spirit. Many people are skeptical about these occurrences. But if you are reading this blog post, chances are you believe. So if you believe in that, it shouldn’t be a big stretch to believe that there are multiple dimensions.

I hope this blog post gives you some things to think about and some direction on continuing your research. I know it took me a while to really wrap my head around all of this, and there are still things that are hard to fully understand – even for the scholars and scientists who have devoted their lives to studying these topics. But if you have faith in your belief that there is life after death, then diving deep into these topics will likely deepen your beliefs.

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