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Limiting Beliefs Will Hold You Back from Living the Life You Deserve

Life as a human is a limiting experience because we keep ourselves from being all that we can be. Why do we do that?

Left-handed people may not be able to write with their right hand, and right-handed people may not be able to write with their left hand. You may have tried it at one point in your life – most of us have. What was the result? You immediately limited your belief that you could do it and went back to what felt comfortable.

Limiting beliefs kept me from believing that I had any intuition at all for most of my life. I had a hard time making decisions and trusting my intuition to guide me to the right decision.

Limiting beliefs also keeps people from following their Divinely guided purpose, which is what happened to me for many years. I just assumed that intuition was for Spiritual people. And since I had left my religion as a teenager, I never thought of myself as religious, much less Spiritual.

The problem I had with religion had more to do with the dogmatic rules that keep people from fully living their life as it was meant to be lived. Life should not be limiting us with rules about doing penance for swearing in public or taking the Lord’s name in vain because we were upset about something. Life should be about discovering your life purpose and then living life to the fullest.

For me, life went on and I didn’t think too much more about it. But I knew something was missing in my life – I just couldn’t put my finger on it.

What are Limiting Beliefs?

People have limiting beliefs about all sorts of things. Some common limiting beliefs include the areas of money, death, relationships, careers, health and self-worth.

Here is a short-list of some of the more common limiting beliefs:

  • I’m too old
  • I’m too fat
  • I’m not pretty enough
  • I’m not smart enough
  • I can’t start _____, I’m not ready
  • I don’t have enough experience
  • I don’t have enough time
  • I’ll never be successful
  • I’ll never be happy
  • I’ll always be broke
  • I’m not good with money
  • I can’t change so what’s the point
  • There is no point in dreaming big

Let’s talk about a common limiting belief – making more money than you think you deserve.

My limiting belief around money came early in my career. Back in the 80’s there was a huge discrepancy in salaries between men and women. And this disparity held me in its grips for 15 years as I strove to climb the corporate ladder.

During the entire time, my male counterparts were making several thousand dollars a year more than me. This wreaked havoc in my mind because I was limiting my beliefs around money without even realizing it.

Fast forward to 10 years later when our cleaning company was really taking off, my mind slowly started shifting. This time I was in a partnership with my husband Steve, who had no limiting beliefs around money. He used to tell me, “If we’re ever low on cash just let me know. I’ll go out and get us another account.” He had such confidence in his ability to make money that I had to figure out how I could start shifting my beliefs around money.

That doesn’t mean it was easy! Limiting beliefs are deeply embedded in our mind so you must work at letting go of them before you can move on in your life. That means that if you have a limiting belief around making the money you deserve, then it won’t be easy to change that belief.

How to Release Your Limiting Beliefs

The first step to releasing limiting beliefs is to realize you have them in the first place! Sticking with the money theme, if you think you might have limiting beliefs around money, then start with that. You’ll never get where you want to go in life if you have limiting beliefs about money.

The first step is to think about how you developed this limiting belief about money. It may have started during your childhood with how your parents talked about money. If they said things like, “we can’t afford ___________”, or “you don’t need to spend so much on __________”, then they unknowingly set you up with that limiting belief.

Now that you’ve identified how you developed this limiting belief, what steps can you take to get rid of it?

Now it’s time to start the hard work of shedding this belief that’s holding you back. The first thing you’ll want to do is forgive your parents for embedding that belief in your conscious mind. They most likely had their own limiting beliefs about money without ever realizing it.

Next you’ll want to forgive yourself for using that belief to keep you from making the money you truly deserve. The good news is that you’ve identified the belief and you’re taking steps to release it.

Whenever we have limiting beliefs, we usually have emotions that go along with them. And the emotions might be something like frustration, anger, hopelessness, insecurity, despair and resentment.

The next step is to release the emotions that are related to your limiting beliefs

There are a number of different modalities to release trapped emotions such as EFT tapping, tapping cortices, and a modality that I am Certified in called the Emotion Code.

The Emotion Code is a way to release trapped emotions from the body. Emotions are simply balls of energy that are stuck in the body. If not released they can eventually cause pain, illness and disease, which is why it is so important to have a way to release them. Once you release the emotions related to your limiting belief, you are one step closer to overcoming your limiting belief.

Another way to help overcome limiting beliefs is to do affirmations. Louise Hay is known for her books on affirmations, and although she’s now passed on, her books are still popular today.

Here are a few affirmations I’ve collected regarding limiting beliefs around money. Some of these were shared with me by my friend Kim Julen of Finding Your Fiji. You can either recite them out loud to yourself every day, or you can record them and play them as you would a meditation.

  • All of my needs are met for me now and always
  • I am able to achieve any goal I set for myself
  • I am prosperous, I have all the wealth I need and more
  • I know that the world is full of opportunities
  • There is nothing I cannot be, do or have
  • I am open and receptive to wealth in all forms
  • The Universe always pays my bills in full and sends double and triple the amount I asked for
  • People love to give me money
  • I’m good at earning what I need and so much more
  • I’m good at saving money
  • Each week, each month and each year I become more financially secure
  • I am now earning a great big income for doing what satisfies me
  • All my bills are paid in full and I still have all this money!
  • A lot more money is coming into my life. I will use it for my good and for the good of others.
  • I am a money magnet!
  • I am a success magnet!
  • Money comes to me easily and effortlessly
  • I am a winner. I win often and I win big.
  • Success and good fortune flow toward me in a river of abundance
  • All of my thoughts, plans and ideas lead me straight to success
  • Opportunities and advantages come with each door that I open
  • I always have more than enough money to meet my needs
  • I wake up with the best job in the world!
  • I have abundant faith in my ability to succeed
  • At every turn, opportunity appears before me
  • I am happy, successful and fulfilled
  • My affirmations work for me whether I believe they do or not


Limiting beliefs can hold you back in your life in a big way. I have even undergone hypnosis to release my limiting beliefs because they were so deeply embedded in my mind that they had been holding me back from living the life I deserved.

I don’t want to see you spend years trying to break through your limiting beliefs the way I did. Instead, I can help you do it in a much faster, fun way that will help you stay grounded and connected to your purpose in life.

Now is the time to make the decision to move forward in your life in order to get unstuck from life as you know it today. Let me help you do that soon, before you decide to throw your hands up in the air and give up.

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